Can Yellow Qube help your project?

Everyday we are having conversations with people or organisations who have an idea, a plan for a project and the intention is often good and the plan is often great and some of those without plans still have a certain something about them that makes us wonder if we could bring them under Qube wings…

But having an idea is not enough, funding isn’t even the key. ‘Drive’ is the key . So often the voluntary sector works on so much good will, enthusiasm and passion for believing in a project but, without key people driving forward ideas then the voluntary sector would be far less impactful than it is.

We launched our Qube Hire this week, we have had lots of phone calls from people who want; parties, baby showers and various other requests… not all repeatable. But behind those conversations are people who are interested in what else the Qube is offering…

In our first week of inviting bookings one lovely person who booked a party has now written a 2 page proposal for a project that she would like to run at the Qube with a group of women.

It’s a great idea, a great proposal and her drive has ensured that in one week she haggled the price of her sons birthday party and also got an agreement to a discounted rate on her project.

Which brings us back to ‘drive’. That ladies drive has opened doors that she didn’t expect to be opened this week. The Qube’s drive continues to talk to everyone that walks through the door – even if you only wanted to book a party!